ESMES in Jordan announces the school's contest on energy efficiency!


To raise student’s awareness on the importance of adopting sustainable energy behaviors and reduce school's energy consumption, the German Jordanian University (GJU) within the framework of the ESMES project, has organized a contest for 6 public schools in Jordan, based on the gamification method.

In this regard, over the past few months; smart meters have been installed in the six school buildings to track energy consumption. Following this, each school identified an Energy Team (ET); composed of 1 teacher and 3 students chosen from their Staff.

The ET, with the support of the JGU team and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, diagnoses energy patterns to address the behavior of students and school staff. At the end of the contest, the most efficient school in terms of energy saving is rewarded with a small local event.

On November 24, 2022, at the auditorium of the GJU, with the presence of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs; Dr. Najwa Qubeilat and the president of the university; Prof. Dr. Alaeddin Al-Halhouli, GJU announced the winning schools.

Considering the high-quality results and performances of the 6 participating schools, it was decided that all deserved to be rewarded!

The winning schools are: Al-Tura Boys' Secondary School, Al-Zarnuji Boys' Secondary School, Mobus Mixed Secondary School, King Abdullah II for Excellence / Madaba, Al -Manshia and the tenth secondary school.

Prof. Dr. Al-Halhouli, in his speech, congratulated the students who won the competition, reflecting the impact of the project activities on schools and society. He also appreciated the support and efforts of the Ministry of Education to facilitate the tasks of the work team and to communicate with all parties to achieve the objectives of the project.

For her part, Dr. Qubeilat, explained the importance of the issue of renewable energy and its efficiency which falls within the international interests, and the importance of providing similar projects and activities that open the way for school students to participate and be creative.

In their turn, the ESMES project coordinators; Dr. Zakaria Dalala and Dr. Osama Saadeh stated that the competition included six schools to reduce energy consumption by working to establish five national energy mix efficiency and drawing up strategies to support a mixture of effective and cost-effective energy efficiency in school buildings.

The event was an occasion to share and give visibility to the results of the work carried out by the energy teams with all the other students and teachers.

The students are future professionals involved in energy buildings’ sector, congrats to all the schools!