ENI CBC Med presents its contribution to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy during the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels


From 26 to 28 September 2022, a delegation of the ENI CBC Med projects in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy attended to the EU Sustainable Energy Week. They welcomed in their stand dozens of people interested on the latest developments of the projects.

Additionally, the delegation had the opportunity to introduce their projects to a wide audience through the Policy Conference Session held in the morning of the 28 September in the magnificient De Gasperi room located at the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission.

The session lasted 90 minutes and there was time for introducing 6 projects, to connect live with 3 different locations, to discuss their proposals with the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, who co-chaired the event, and to talk about career opportunities in the energy sector for youth.

The outcomes of this session are presented in a nutshell in the short video summary below: 



The complete session can be seen in the video below:



The ENI CBC MED Programme wants to express its gratitude to all projects which contributed tp the success of this activity.