Egypt: TEC-MED project announces upcoming activities to provide assistance and support to elderly people and their families

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology organized a session to further engage the community with the TEC-MED project, this session was attended by experts and researchers from different sectors. The session included a presentation and discussion of the project's objectives and upcoming activities, as well as The Academy's role in implementing the project to raise awareness about the social impact of social care models for the elderly, reduce elderly marginalization and improve the quality of social services provided to them.

Ms. Salma Essawi, the project manager, addressed the ASRT's (Academy of Scientific Research and Technology) role in engaging the related communities in a dialogue focused on the importance of networking with all stakeholders (governmental, non-governmental, medical, academic, social, media, etc...) and focusing on social networking and social integration of older people within the new model and platform.

She also announced the project's upcoming activities in Egypt during the discussion, such as the implementation of the TEC-MED model as a technological solution to provide assistance and support to elderly people and their families. At the end of the session, Ms. Samar gave a presentation to the audience about the features of the TEC-MED platform and departments within it in terms of being multilingual, multiple roles, caring system, surveys and scales, e-learning module for health and social care providers or students, document warehouse, and communication resources such as news, multi-chat, and video conferencing.