“Eco-innovators On Board”: STAND Up! project launches new media campaign to boost innovative start-ups acting on Textile and Clothing sustainability


The STAND Up! partnership is launching “Eco-innovators On Board | Mapping new routes in Textile & Clothing sustainability”, a multi-media campaign to be deployed at local, national and regional levels. The campaign launches on the first International Day of Zero Waste this 30th of March and will run in parallel with the implementation of the final phase of the STAND Up! project itself, until its completion in autumn 2023.

The campaign's main objective is to engage a wider network of fashion and textile stakeholders, start-ups and the general public to spotlight the seminal importance of innovative entrepreneurialism to drive positive environmental and social change in the clothing and textile sectors.

The 'Eco-innovators on board' campaign will conduct a people-centred communication approach focusing on the sustainable business models implemented and the innovative good practices proposed by Mediterranean start-ups from Spain, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia. These initiatives rely on the freshness and energy of the young entrepreneurs involved to present their ideas, achievements and goals as well as the business opportunities that the ongoing green evolution is generating.

Supported by its main axis, a vibrant social media strategy, involving all active profiles of the STAND Up! project and a brand new LinkedIn page. It focuses on dynamic and engaging visual content, the campaign will be complemented over the months by targeted actions organized within the project consortium territories (Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia) and is designed to draw the attention of sector stakeholders to the experiences and issues promoted:

  • The Academia and STAND UP! Experience, a cycle of online and/or physical events addressed to higher education in the textile and fashion sector featuring a selection of start-ups and eco-innovators.
  • Pop-up corners at some of the most significant fairs/events for the textile and fashion industry at Mediterranean level, (e.g. 080 Barcelona Fashion Week), with specific focus on the innovative circular and sustainable business models.


Follow the campaign, using the hashtag #ecoinnovators

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