Discover new ways to practice Slow Tourism in the area of Edku and Mariout Lakes in Egypt with the Med Pearls Project


The second year of the EU-funded Med Pearls project provided incredible prospects for around 12 SMEs from six Mediterranean countries to produce Slow Tourism products in the selected 13 pilot areas.

Among the selected Med Pearls pilot areas, is the lesser-known area of Lakes Mariout and Edku, two of Egypt's five wetland lakes in the Northern Mediterranean basin with bodies of fresh, brackish, saline, or hypersaline water critical to the Alexandrian city and its surrounding suburbs. The lakes are regarded as a treasure trove of undiscovered attractions that are generally overlooked by both tourists and Egyptians. 

In this article, we'll teleport to Alexandria to show you a variety of entertaining and sustainable routes designed by Med Pearls Subgrantees to help you experience the hidden jewel of the Lakes of Mariout and Edku, popularly known as the King Mariout area through short yet fun-filled one-day trips! A visit to the Alexandria City and the King Mariout area will provide you with a unique opportunity to experience the tranquil nature, entering a mystery spot and discover more about Bedouin culture! Our subgrantee teams have come together to bring the most fun-filled itinerary to you:

Day 1: 

As you arrive to the metropolitan city of Alexandria, also known as the bride of the Mediterranean, our subgrantee team at Blue Line will take you on an adventure around Egypt’s second largest city, starting with a visit to the internationally renowned Bibliotheca Alexandrina that serves as a commemoration to the original Library of Alexandria, which was once one of the largest libraries in the world but was later lost in antiquity. Continue your day by taking the electric bus to Alexandria’s Eastern Harbor, where you will board a yacht for a joyful ride while dining on a traditional meal and taking in the views of the city skyline and fresh breeze of the Mediterranean. 

Following your yacht ride, you'll get a taste of local life by riding Alexandria's famous electric tram to "King Fouad I" Street, where you'll take part in an informative walking tour of one of the city's most significant, lively, unique, and one of the world’s oldest streets.  After an amusing walk, head to the 14th-century Citadel of Qaitbay for a panoramic tour at sunset followed by dinner at the Greek Club restaurant, which was founded in 1909 and serves the freshest and tastiest seafood with a spectacular view of the city.

You can’t say you have visited Alexandria without a quick stroll through Bahary and Anfoushi or El Mansheya, some of the most distinguished areas in the city, where you will get a real feel of the local Alexandrian culture. Whether it’s a Gelato from Bahary or a souvenir from the bustling streets of the old market of Mansheya, you will leave the heart of Alexandria with a whole different understanding of the local history and culture.


Day 2:

On your second day, book a tour with Egypt Day Tours and immerse yourself in the local culture. After a good night's sleep in one of the area's more traditional hotels, begin your day with an oriental breakfast of delicious fool (fava beans), falafel, and eggs to fuel your Mariout Sightseeing Tour starting with a visit of the archaeological relics in the area. Continue your tour to the Mariah area, where an expert archaeologist will lead you on a detailed tour to familiarize you with its significance. After witnessing the past, it is time to learn about the region's current time, residents, as well as explore local traditions and what better way to do than through a tuk-tuk tour. With these three-wheeled rickshaws, you will be able to see the houses and areas where local residents live, hear their stories, and learn about their culture in an interactive manner.

By the time you head back, you will get to indulge in a Bedouin lunch at a specialist local cuisine restaurant on Lake Mariout. After lunch, you can take a boat ride to meet local fisherman and learn about their daily lives, as well as try your hand at fishing in Mariout Lake; don't worry about fishing equipment; the Egypt Day Tours team has you covered.

By sunset, you are invited to go horseback riding and walk around the lake. It's supper time, and you'll have your first BBQ dinner by the lake, complete with a bonfire and some Bedouin singing and dancing, followed by a peaceful night sleep in the Mariout area. 


Day 3: 

On your third day take a detour and experience a fun-filled itinerary designed by Hub Adventure:

Start your day by experiencing Lake Borollos, which is only a few kilometers from the Mariout area. Take a lovely stroll to the lake and board your private boat for a tour to discover "Lake Borollos," where you can taste local specialties while fully exploring the area. Arrive in "Bay El Borollos" after a two-hour ride through breathtaking scenery and explore the shipyard where all of the lake's boats are produced.

A quick drive by Van to “Edku” and you will arrive at the Farm and enjoy a typical local cuisine meal. A local will introduce the many dishes served, including the recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods, as well as the on-site honeybee plant.

After a hearty meal and a relaxing afternoon at the farm, travel by horse carriage to "El Meadiya" and see the city and its unique structures. Arrive at the sporting club and spend your spare time enjoying various activities and your tea break. End your day with a fun-filled cooking class led by a local chef and dine on your delicious creations before heading back to Cairo.


Sounds like an extraordinary experience to us, would you be up for it? 

Book your adventures now through Breathing Land and embark on a slow, enjoyable, and unforgettable journey across the Mediterranean. 


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