Discover the Med Pearls beneficiaries working to develop slow tourism products in the Greek region of Imathia Veria


In this article, the different Destination Management Companies (DMCs) that are creating Slow Tourism products for Med Pearls in the Greek region of Pieria, join us to explain their views on the project. They are San Dopios, Mazi Travel, Enjoy Travel & Tourism and Open Ways, and you can find out more about their products in their websites and the Breathing Land website. Take a look at the article to learn also about the impact the project is having on the destination.

Mazi Travel & Events

Mazi Travel & Events has considered Imathia to be an ideal Slow Travel destination and so, given the chance, the team met with many providers and stakeholders and has developed partnerships with business owners who add value to the Packages. Boutique Hotel owners, Agricultural Producers, Activity Providers, implementing sustainable practices, are assets to this Programme. The natural beauty of the region, paired with the agricultural production creates immense potential for tourism growth in the area. Soft Mobility options are available although not in abundance, still are combined with new and differentiated activities. Local authorities have  been welcoming and willing to support our efforts. On the downside, it was an unpleasant surprise, the fact that the Aliakmon River as well as the Artificial Lake, are out of reach, and activities are forbidden in the water, since it is being used by the Public Power Corporation (DEI), a state that cannot change, despite any efforts made.

San Dopios – Travel like a local 

Our participation in the Med Pearls Program gave us the opportunity to develop new strong partnerships and create innovative slow tourism experiences. The title of our proposal is Olympus Local Experiences and most of our packages will be implemented in the area of Pieria-Mount Olympus. However, we have also included in our travel packages interest parts of the unique area of Imathia. Our guests will have the chance to visit the unique museum of Vergina, taste the wine variety of Xinomavro in the local wineries, learn more about its cultural heritage and come close to the natural beauty of the area. The pilot area of Imathia has a lot of potential to be established as a slow tourism destination for 365days, giving visitors the opportunity to collect unique travel experiences related to the local gastronomy, culture and history. The local authorities, the local providers and stakeholders are willing to support this endeavor and we are very happy to cooperate with them.


Enjoy Travel and Tourism 

Our participation in the Med Pearls program allowed us to learn more about the Imathia region and the many mountain paths it has to offer. Even though Imathia region is not our main pilot are, we're interested in expanding mountaineering tourism in the area. We are optimistic about the growth of this type of tourism in the area based on our experience with the growth of hiking tourism. Although traveling by means of public transportation is a major issue, just as it is in Pieria-Mt Olympus area. However, in the future, we hope to create a cultural walking path that begins in Thessaloniki, travels through Imathia, and concludes in Pieria-Mount Olympus, with stops at vineyards, ancient sites, and other natural and cultural landmarks, similar to the Camino de Santiago.


OPEN WAYS Events & Travel  

The proposal of Open Ways Events & Travel, entitled "MYthic PaTHS», mainly concerns the world-renowned Mount OLYMPUS  which for us is our place of origin. However, through the Med Pearls program we were given the opportunity to get to know the neighboring area of IMATHIA better. In addition to the experience and very good knowledge we had about the cultural activities and folklore of the area, we now visited interesting points of nature, history and gastronomy. We also met entrepreneurs and business owners who are creating or intend to create products according to the requirements of the program. All this information was very constructively integrated into our travel propositions, thus adding value to the product we want to develop. 

In Imathia, as in the Pieria-Mount Olympus area, the representatives of Local Municipalities have responded in a very positive way to the new trend in the choices that the traveler is looking for in terms of Authenticity, Locality and Natural Environment. They are willing to participate in the search for solutions in this direction, especially in the matter of strengthening public transport. 

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