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From religious events to ancient customs, there are lots of Jordanian traditions to discover. Before visiting any country, it is important to understand its culture and traditions. Jordanian traditions make this country unique and are one of the main reasons that visitors just cannot wait to return. There are many traditions in Jordan that visitors should be aware of in order to have the most authentic Jordanian experience.

Jordanian culture combines elements of the past and the present, and between Islamic heritage and modern culture. It also embraces eastern culture and accepts western cultures, not to mention being an extension to the surrounding Arabian culture, even its cuisine, even though it has its distinctive characteristics. Whether you’re visiting a tourist attraction or being welcomed into a family’s home, you’re guaranteed a warm reception.


You will receive an abundance of invitations into shops or restaurants, which you can accept or politely decline by placing your hand over your heart and murmuring “la, shukran”, which means “no thank you” in Arabic. When accepting invitations, you will be welcomed with hot coffee, tea, sweets, or even a traditional feast if you’re lucky! Make sure to communicate your appreciation by offering compliments about your host’s house, shop, and most importantly, food. Just be careful when doing so, as Jordanian culture dictates that if a guest expresses an interest in a particular item in one’s home, it should be presented as a gift! Shoes are considered unclean, so be sure to remove them when entering a home or mosque. 

When planning what to wear in Jordan, the general rule is to keep shoulders, arms, and legs covered as much as possible. Men have slightly more flexibility when it comes to clothing but women should be sure to cover up and keep hair tied back. How we celebrate our marriage parties, arranged marriages and dowries are still common. Despite that Jordan's culture is extremely influenced by the western traditions, it has in common Arabic and Islamic characteristics, which shape a lot of Jordanians' behaviours, traditions and customs.

If you are a foodie, Jordan is the perfect place to visit. Jordanians take pride in their delicious dishes. One traditional dish you must try is mansaf — a special-occasion dish that combines chunks of tender lamb, yogurt sauce, and a sprinkle of pine nuts and herbs. It is served with rice and kishk, a dough made of flour, yogurt, and salt. You will also find common appetizers like hummus, ful medames, and baba ganuj served with pita bread. Don’t forget the olives! Jordan is among the top olive-producing countries in the world.

Whether you are a history buff or an adventurer, Jordan has something special for you.

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