CROSSDEV: Tourism is a tool for development, so now it’s time to get ready

Council of Europe

Extend cross-sectorial dialogue to health, education and agricultural sectors, and we can find solutions to many of our regions current challenges.

Thinking about the future is what has always kept humanity going. And whilst we are never forgetting to do our part to tackle the current Covid-19 emergency, we are also looking ahead to get ready for the post-Coronavirus world.

CROSSDEV objective is clear: contribute to the socio-economic development of less-known areas. And if that was needed before, it will surely be very much needed after this unprecedented crisis, which will affect economies after affecting health systems worldwide. The “after-world” will see an increase of low-income families, as well as new ways of social living. 

CROSSDEV “tool” for development is sustainable tourism, a way to empower communities using their own cultural, environmental and historical heritage.  As for the tourism industry, predictions from the experts – as you will see from the documents below – show that, while we can imagine an almost complete halt of international traveling in the next few months, a new kind of tourism will be born soon after: a renewed interest in nature, a new eco-conscience and the search for small, remote destinations versus mass destinations can be expected.

That is what we will need to be ready for.

Among other activities, we have recently organized and attended a seminar on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, which was presented by  Mrs. Carolina Clark, Project Manager at the European Institute of Cultural Routes and Mrs. Diane Dodd, President and Co-Founder of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism).

  • What is tourism of proximity?
  • Why “safe destination experiences” will be more and more searched by tourists?
  • What role will local communities have in the new tourism industry?

These are some of the questions we discussed all together and are happy to share with all our readers.

Now more than ever cooperation is key to overcome the present and build a brighter future.


Please, find below some useful materials from the seminar.

Huge thanks to Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Dodd for their precious collaboration!

  • THE CULTURAL ROUTES OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE - Part 1 / Part 2 – Mrs. Clark presentation
  • EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES – Mrs. Dodd presentation 
  • VIDEO – Presentation of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe 

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