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CROSSDEV - Steering Committee and Inter Partners Management Committee

Type of meeting: CROSSDEV Steering Committee and Inter Partners Management Committee (IPMC)

Location: Sicily (Italy)

Following our latest meeting on March 29, 2021, the next CROSSDEV Steering Committee (SC) and Inter Partners Management Committee (IPMC) will take place in Sicily on October 27 to 30. It will be the first in-person event after the beginning of the pandemic, gathering all partners from the four implementation countries - Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine - whom will meet in Sicily for a 4-day event starting with a tour testing of the Via Selinuntina around the areas of Menfi, Gibellina, Sambuca di Sicilia and Selinunte (provinces of Trapani and Agrigento, Sicily).

The meeting will see the participation of all official IPMC members – Project Coordinator, Finance Manager, Project Managers and Finance Officers of each partner – as well as the Communication Manager and Communication Officers and representatives from other associated partners and organisations.

The meeting will be the occasion to look at the project’s development and next steps in sight of the last year of implementation, setting the route for the upcoming months.

Museum visits, landscapes scouting, group activities and tour testing will keep participants busy and let them understand the assets of the newly developed attractions of the Via Selinuntina. The last days will be dedicated to presentations, discussions, meetings and study moments.

The Steering Committee is part of a series of activities taking place in Sicily this October, as the awards ceremony, the B2B and the familiarisation trip for tour operators.

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