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CROSSDEV Lectures: HOW TO rethink sustainable tourism after Covid-19

A series of free online lectures on the panorama of the tourism industry after the Coronavirus pandemic is being organized by CISP as part of the CROSSDEV project, aimed at supporting socioeconomic development of 5 areas of the Mediterranean using sustainable tourism as a tool.

As the possibility to travel was halted by the Covid-19 causing complete disruption to the whole tourism industry, a profound rethink of the whole system seems imperative. This poses lots of challenges, but it is also the occasion to change for the better, to aim at a more sustainable and fair way to travel and to re-build the related business. How can we get there?

Let’s start with three lectures by Ms. Diane Dodd, PhD, President and co-Founder of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism), as well as Executive Director and the inspiration behind the European Region of Gastronomy Platform and Award. She is also an evaluator of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. 

Through the three online meetings, Ms Dodd will help us look into the current situation to better understand it and to search and find innovative and creative solutions for a better future.


Lecture 1: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable tourism post-Covid 19. 
Date/time: 21/05/2020, h. 11-13
Click here to join lecture 1

Lecture 2Building a new sustainable tourism offer. Strategies and training for trainers 
Date/time: 25/05/2020, h.9.30-11.30 
LinkClick here to join lecture 2

Lecture 3Driving innovations in creative gifts and products - strategies and training for trainers
Date/Time: 28/05/2020, h.9.30-11.30
Link: Click here to join lecture 3



  • The lectures are FREE
  • Attendees: anyone can join any of the lectures, however they are recommended as follows: 21/5, Tourism industry providers; 25/05, Policy makers; 28/05 Civil society and start ups
  • Language: English
  • Time: Italian time (GMT+2)
  • Location: online meetings on the TEAMS platform (no need to download any software or app)
  • For info: email

STAY TUNED! This series of lectures will soon be organised also in Italian! 

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