CLIMA: حبوب بيئية، نصائح لحياة صفر نفايات (المطبخ)

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Second episode, here we go!
Here we will talk about ordinary actions which take place everyday in our kitchens.

What kind of dishwashing sponges do you use and where do you keep food or fresh fruits? Go on and try oilcloth instead of plastic wrap, it will keep your food fresh and it can be reused!

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 20:13

CLIMA: حبوب بيئية، نصائح لحياة صفر نفايات (التسوق اليومي)

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What kind of products do you usually buy when you do the shopping? Have you ever chosen the food following the packaging composition?

In this third episode, we will talk about our shopping habits and to learn how to do shopping in a wiser and eco-friendlier way.

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 20:12

قصة يورونيوز عن BESTMEDGRAPE

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The Euronews english Channel broadcasted a report about BESTMEDGRAPE, which presents all aspects of the project.

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 20:10

البروفيسور جيانلويجي باكشيتا مقابلة مع يورونيوز الفرنسية حول مشروع BESTMEDGRAPE

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BESTMEDGRAPE coordinator Gianluigi Bacchetta talks to Euronews French about the project and its importance. 

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 20:09

CLIMA: حبوب بيئية، نصائح لحياة صفر فضلات (مكان العمل)

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20 كانون الثان 2021 - 20:07

تقديم مشروع BESTMEDGRAPE: ما هو حول؟ (النسخة الانكليزية)

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BESTMEDGRAPE aims at supporting the creation of new startups/SMEs by transferring scientific/technological knowledge on local grape cultivars and the exploitation of wine by-products as a source of bioactive compounds that can be transformed into innovative commercial health products.

The responsible for BESTMEDGRAPE and the representatives of the projects' partners, explain more about the project.

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 20:06

فلسطين: مشروع GIMED يبحث عن مدربين للأعمال

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Our Palestinian partner Leaders International has published 3 calls for applications for the provision of training and coaching services under GIMED. 

Under GIMED, Leaders International will provide a free business support training to Palestinian green entrepreneurs and ventures, including services such as coaching and support for access to finance.

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 16:52

HELIOS: مناقصة/فرص عمل جديدة في فلسطين

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The University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), partner of HELIOS project, has published the following two calls for tenders/applications:

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 16:43

ورشة عمل لأصحاب المصلحة في AQUACYCLE في تونس

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20 كانون الثان 2021 - 15:18

ورشة عمل AQUACYCLE لأصحاب المصلحة في تونس (مع مقابلات باللغة العربية)

 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

20 كانون الثان 2021 - 15:16
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