3 years of HELIOS: a flood of opportunities in the blue and circular economy for young people and women in the Mediterranean area

Enjoy this clip about the experiences of young people and women who are Not in Employement, Education or Training (NEETs) involved in the actions promoted by HELIOS project during the last 3 years.

Discover how a sustainable approach to doing business can support the social inclusion in the Mediterranean Region contributing to create a more inclusive and green future!


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20 اًذار 2023 - 14:23

MedRiSSE_Roadmap for replicability. Multi-actor and multi-level collaboration for Social Enterprise impact growth: Pair to Grow - Coach to Grow capacity building strategy

20 اًذار 2023 - 11:51

MedRiSSE_Roadmap for replicability. Incentive scheme for public-private co-production of SSE support services: MoreThanAJob subgrant mechanism

20 اًذار 2023 - 11:41

MedRiSSE analysis report of social innovation within the capitalized projects. Cross-country and comparative research

20 اًذار 2023 - 11:40

MedRiSSE_Roadmap for replicability: Setting up a Social and Solidarity multi-service territorial support centre. CitESS model

20 اًذار 2023 - 11:39

MedRiSSE_Roadmap for replicability. Consume Palestine Strategy: public-private collaboration for comprehensive support to rural value chains and women empowerment

20 اًذار 2023 - 11:39

MedRiSSE_Roadmad for replicability. Piloting socially innovative public welfare programmes: MedTOWN local digital complementary currency

20 اًذار 2023 - 11:38

Meet the NEX-LABS Startups - Drive Green for a sustainable transport

Drive Green aims at enabling the shift to an electrified transportation sector in the MENA region. The startup provides delivery and food provision companies with a sustainable and low cost transportation scheme involving e-vehicles and energy-on-demand. The energy supply is through easily accessible and photovoltaic-powered battery swapping stations located on the driver’s route.

17 اًذار 2023 - 08:51

MedSNAIL campaign on responsible consumption: Gozitan Ark of Taste products

15 اًذار 2023 - 13:37

SME4SMARTCITIES partners meet in Israel and conduct 4 field visits on urban ecosystem

14 اًذار 2023 - 10:01
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