FISH MED NET in Tunisia organised a training course on fishery diversification for fishermen

This video gives an overview of the training courses on fishery diversification organised by l´Association Tunisienne pour le Dévelopment de la Pêche Artisanale (ATDEPA), FISH MED NET Tunisian partner. It took place from 29th April to 1st May 2023 in Bizerte, Tunisia.

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17 أيار 2023 - 10:33

Sustainable MED Cities Leaflet #2_Arabic

15 أيار 2023 - 08:19

MedSNAIL in Lebanon organises a mock market to identify the marketing potential of women´s producers

The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (American University of Beirut), MedSNAIL partner in Lebanon, has collected the testimony of several women producers who have participated in a "mock market" organised in the Chouf region early March 2023.  These women received a training session on marketing and pricing in the framework of the work developed by MedSNAIL in Lebanon.

12 أيار 2023 - 15:10

YEP MED in Jordan organised a meeting to discuss the achievements for youth employment in the port sector and plan next steps

Between 2-3 of May 2023, all of the YEP MED project partners met for the 3rd Steering Committee meeting in Aqaba, Jordan. During the 2 days of workshops, presentations and networking activities, the successes of the EU-funded project were highlighted, and a roadmap towards the capitalisation on the results of the project was made. 

11 أيار 2023 - 10:43

CLUSTER_Activity 2.2.1 - NEETs Infographic in Greek

10 أيار 2023 - 16:57

MedSNAIL in Spain organized a farmers' market in Laujar de Andarax

The Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP) has organised in the framework of the MedSNAIL project and during Laujar de Andarax Wine Fair (Almería,Andalusia) on the 29th and 30th April 2023, a farmers' market to enhance the value of the agri-food system of the Andarax Valley, its MedSNAIL pilot area in the region, and to promote proximity between citizens and local producers.

09 أيار 2023 - 15:03

CLUSTER_Activity 2.2.1 - NEETs Infographic in French_Tunisia

09 أيار 2023 - 13:30

MED-QUAD_ARCHEO Living Lab_3rd Leaflet

09 أيار 2023 - 13:22

MoreThanAJob held its final conference in Lebanon

After three years, the MoreThanAJob project is coming to an end. With that, the Business Consultancy and Training Services (Lebanese partner) in cooperation with the lead beneficiary of the project, An-Najah National University, organized the project’s final conference in Lebanon end of February 2023, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs patronages in cooperation with the General Labor Union in Lebanon.

05 أيار 2023 - 10:29

Discover CLUSTER’s Corporate Social Responsibility Mentoring and Internship opportunities in Catalonia

Discover the Corporate Social Responsibility Mentoring program that the CLUSTER project is offering in Catalonia within its free courses to further promote the social inclusion of youth and women in the Sustainable Economy sector.

Watch the video and enjoy the interview with the Catalan edition's mentor Ms. Celia Murcia, Blue Economy Consultant and Founder of the Blue-Jobs Platform. In this Interview, Ms. Murcia also details the remunerated internship opportunities that CLUSTER offers in the organic farming sector in Catalonia.

04 أيار 2023 - 15:03
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