TRANSDAIRY sets up a transnational Network of Dairy Value Chain operators in Italy


TRANSDAIRY has launched the ICT and Bio-nano tech living labs (LL) by the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" (UCLV) and Italian partners of TRANSDAIRY during the first Open Day held in Italy.

LLs are real-life, dairy oriented and demo-type and platform-type environments with a cross-sector approach, which have the involvement and commitment of multi-stakeholders (including dairy chain organizations) and a certain continuity (good chance to communicate), and provide a “field lab” to develop, test, and validate a combination of solutions as defined in the TRANSDAIRY project, which include technologies, their integration as well as combination with new business models and innovative policies based on the value of milk. Living labs supporting context research and co-creation. Living lab as platform are intermediary innovation arena and outreach statement (e.g. multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge-sharing and networked logic of value creation). As also the possibility to make transition management in innovation development. The individual project-based of TRANSDAIRY is the fulfilment of innovation management (e.g. test and validation studies of testbed applications). Technological development phase supported by Living Labs are serval as we can mention some as the need to find and opportunity identification and the proof-of-concept prototype in order to pilot implementation also, adoption deployment. The event was held in presence at the historical venue of the Engineering Department of University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" (UCLV) starting with a presentation of ICT living lab delivered by prof. Luigi Zeni, coordinator of TRANSDAIRY. Thereafter, representatives from diverse associations of the dairy value chain will explain the synergies created with the living labs.

Dr. Alejandra Olay, project manager of TRANSDAIRY, launched a cross-border call:“Specialized training for intermediaries in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC).

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The programme aims to provide useful tools to successfully address the technological transfer process.

After the general presentation of living labs, the key note speaker, Dr. Claudio Pasqualucci, Lebanon’s director of the Italian Trade Agency, gave a presentation about innovation & startups.

Aligned to the theme “innovation”, technological demonstrations were showcased by researchers from Institute of Food Sciences - National Research Council (ISA-CNR), Dr. Maria Staiano and Dr. Antonio Varriale. Lastly, the open day was concluded with two focus group sessions in parallel.

In conclusion, Living Labs offering as follows:

  • Project preparation services
  • User development methods
  • Prototype creation
  • Innovation and development services for companies
  • Pilot and innovation environment
  • Prototype testing
  • Service concepts
  • Meeting place
  • Living lab methods
  • Product development services