ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Organic farming to feed Europe by 2050


A study carried out by the National Centre for Scientific Research, jointly with researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Chalmers University of Technology of Gothenburg, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna, the Joint Research Centre and the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research-ISPRA, has shown that in 2050 organic agriculture could provide enough food for the entire European population, expected to reach 600 million people by then.Besides that,  an organic, sustainable, biodiversity-friendly agro-food system implemented in Europe would allow a balanced coexistence between agriculture and the environment. 

The study identifies three key points that need to be put into practice to make this happen:

  • Make a change in the diet: try to consum less animal products;
  • Implementation of crop rotation systems which embody nitrogen-fixing legumes: they allow to eliminate synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides;
  • A balanced relationship between livestock and crops: this would allow optimal recycling of manure.


Find more information about the study here.


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