Med Pearls: دعم تطوير السياحة البطيئة في حوض المتوسط


There project proposes two types of sub-grants:
1) To support DMCs (incoming travel agencies) from the 6 countries of the project to create 26 new Slow Tourism products in the identified pilot areas. The project will award a maximum amount of €20.000 to those DMCs presenting most solid Slow Tourism product ideas.
2) Grants targeted to start-ups & entrepreneurs working for the tourism industry. The project will fund 6 ICT solutions of a maximum amount of €50.000 to be integrated into the 26 products created.

المستفيدين المحتملين

Sub-grants for Slow Tourism Products
DMCs (incoming travel agencies) 

Sub-grants for ICT Solutions
Start-ups & entrepreneurs from the ICT sector

إجمالي الميزانية المتاحة


عدد المنح الفرعية وتوزيعها حسب البلد

Sub-grants for Tourist Products, a total of 496.000€ distributed as follows:
- Spain  6x16.000€
- Greece  4x20.000€
- Italy   4x20.000€
- Jordan  4x20.000€
- Palestine  4x20.000€
- Egypt  4x20.000€

Sub-grants for ICT Solutions:  6 x 50.000€ = 300.000€

NOTE: It is being considered to mention a minimum and maximum amount for the proposals and receive proposals within that range; hence, the result may be that some grantees could receive a bit more and others a bit less aligned to their proposal. This will not change the final number of grantees. 

النشاطات التي سيتم تنفيذها من خلال المنح الفرعية

Sub-grants for Slow Tourism Products
To develop new Slow Tourism products in the pilot areas in line with the conditions set by the project to ensure that common themes are proposed (gastronomy, outdoors activities, religious heritage, to name some) and involving at least 5 local tourist SMEs in the pilot areas

Sub-grants for ICT Solutions
To develop ICT innovations (Apps, webs, virtual reality, etc.) which will be integrated into the Slow Tourism products created

معايير الإختيار وإجراءات الحصول على المنح 

Sub-grants for Tourism Products
The procedure will be a competitive Call for Proposals launched by every partner. The evaluation committee and evaluation criteria are currently being defined but will address:
-    Relevance of the action
-    Relevance of the project team
-    Sustainability of the action
-    Cost-effectiveness

Sub-grants for ICT solutions
The procedure will be a competitive Call for Proposals launched by every partner. The evaluation criteria and evaluation committee will be defined at a later stage.

الجدول الزمني

Calls for sub-grants are open for EgyptGreeceItaly, Jordan, Palestine and Spain

Deadline: 30th September 2021 at 6 p.m CET

The call for proposals for ICT solutions is planned to be launched in Q1 2021.


Blanca Cros i Moll
Catalan Tourist Board
Head of European Projects
+ 34 934 849 900

Sofia Pla Oset
Catalan Tourist Board
Med Pearls Project Manager
+ 34 934 849 900

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