INNOMED-UP: دعم الإقتصاد الدائري في المجالات الثقافية والإبداعية


a) Grants for the design and production of innovative products/services using materials from the pilot testing of the smart tools for waste collection the smart tools (smart
bike and smart garbage bin)

b) Cross-border mentorship vouchers will give the possibility to participating Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) SMEs to develop activities at transnational cross-border level. An innovation project is defined as one that transfers knowledge of a scientific, technological or innovative nature that it is new to the SME. The new knowledge will be used by the CCI SME to implement operational instruments (equipment) in favour of CCI SMEs innovation within the concept of circular economy

c) Innovation vouchers will give the possibility to participating CCI SMEs to have access to industrial research & experimental development in high tech systems, or other collaborative schemes with third institutions in order to integrate high-technology and innovate on Circular Economy principles 

المستفيدين المحتملين

SMEs from the cultural and creative sector.

إجمالي الميزانية المتاحة

420,000 euros

عدد المنح الفرعية وتوزيعها حسب البلد

a)    27 (5,000 euros)
b)    21 (5,000 to 10,000 euros)
c)    21 (5,000 to 10,000 euros)

Greece: €30,000
Italy: €60,000
Palestine: €105,000
Jordan: €105,000

النشاطات التي سيتم تنفيذها من خلال المنح الفرعية

To be defined

معايير الإختيار وإجراءات الحصول على المنح 

The vouchers and the grants will be awarded after the organization of open calls. Selection will be based on criteria of relevance to the project and technological and artistic competence.

الجدول الزمني المتوقع

September 2021 to May 2022


Sofia Avgerinou - Kolonia
Professor, National Technical University of Athens

الموقع الإلكتروني