Support to project implementation

Project Implementation Manual

Are you a Lead Beneficiary or a partner involved in one of the projects funded by the Programme? Make sure you read carefully the Project Implementation Manual (PIM), the reference document to guide the sound and efficient implementation of funded projects.

The PIM is designed to support the main phases of the project life cycle in different areas, i.e. technical management, financial issues, and communication/visibility.

How to use the PIM?

The PIM is structured in different chapters as reported below. Where relevant, annexes and templates complement the chapters of the manual. The rules laid down in this document are mandatory. Lead Beneficiaries are strongly encouraged to share the PIM with partners. 

COVID-19: information to funded projects (published on 02.04.2020)

Note on COVID-19 for beneficiaries and partners of funded projects

Handbook for sub-grants management (published on 02.03.2020)

Handbook for sub-grants management and annexes

Expenditure verification pack (updated on 09.12.2019)

Expenditure verification pack

National information

This document contains information at national level concerning the selection of auditors by project beneficiaries, anti-fraud responsible institutions and description of specific procedures (opening of a bank account in euro, tax exemption, etc.).

  • TESIM fact sheets on procurement

Guide on procurement by private project beneficiaries
Procurement by Egyptian public beneficiaries and declaration on honour
Procurement by Jordanian public beneficiaries and declaration on honour
Procurement by Lebanese public beneficiaries and declaration on honour
Procurement by Tunisian public beneficiaries and declaration on honour
Procurement by Palestinian public beneficiaries and declaration on honour

  • Greece

National co-financing and certifying guides for Greek organizations

  • Italia

Procedura per l’individuazione e la contrattualizzazione dei verificatori delle spese

  • Tunisie

Termes de référence pour la sélection des auditeurs de projet

Training for Lead Beneficiaries (Rome: 1, 2, 3 October 2019)

PPTs_ENI CBC Med_Training for Lead Beneficiaries_October 2019