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Development and promotion of Mediterranean Sustainable Adventure Tourism

About the project

The Mediterranean region is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Facing growing competition and deterioration of the political and security situation, the destination has demonstrated symptoms of a slowdown, which makes the recovery of the sector an economic priority. This downturn may also present an opportunity to transform the tourism model into a sustainable and competitive one, addressing current sectorial challenges as the predominance of mass seaside tourism, dependent on the European market and territorial imbalances. MEDUSA will tackle these joint challenges via targeted and inter-related capacity building and cross-border interventions to develop and promote adventure tourism in the region, a niche which grew by 195% between 2010 and 2014. By designing and testing routes and itineraries that offer improved adventure tourism products, MEDUSA will contribute to job creation and income for local communities in the medium and long term. Moreover, the project has the potential to reveal lesser-known destinations and attract tourists throughout the year.

Key information

Development and promotion of Mediterranean Sustainable Adventure Tourism
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.3 Sustainable tourism
Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Tunisia

Financial data

3.3 million
Total budget
2.9 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


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Technical outputs

Project duration

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Project outputs



What will be improved?

The visibility of less-known destinations and local communities able to generate and improve adventure tourism products will be increased, resulting in new job opportunities, especially for women and youth. Furthermore, a more balanced distribution of tourist streams in terms of seasonality and geographical areas will be supported, as well as the inclusion of local communities in the tourism business. In addition, the project will focus on the environmental footprint of tourism activities through safeguarding biodiversity, wildlife, natural resources, and rural communities.

Who will benefit?

  • 110 public authorities among tourism and environmental ministries, regional and national governments, municipalities, tourism boards and associations 
  • 250 organisations from the private sector including tour operators and travel agencies, tourist guides, SMEs, farmers, hotel developers, NGOs
  • 60 civil society organisations among heritage organisations, sports associations, park and wildlife organisations 
  • Local communities in 135 municipalities

Expected achievements

  • 1 global market research and analysis report on adventure tourism in the Mediterranean region
  • 33 training sessions organised on sustainable destination management and business planning
  • 10 strategic alliances to foster public-private destination management in a sustainable manner 
  • 1 adventure tourism product co-creation programme
  • 10 new or improved adventure tourism products 
  • 3 cross-border adventure tourism routes, itineraries and day trips
  • 1 marketing strategy to establish relationships with tour operators and travel agencies

Project news

26 November 2019
MEDUSA participates in the opening conference of the Med Pearls project

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, lead beneficiary of MEDUSA project, attended the launching event of the Med Pearls project.


Project news

26 November 2019
Launching of the MEDUSA project

MEDUSA aims to develop and promote adventure tourism in the Mediterranean region as a sustainable niche in the global tourist market.

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