GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS

About the project

Today’s demanding and discerning tourists don’t want just to observe, they wish to experience places. This experiential tourism trend is relevant to off-season travellers who choose this time of the year not only to lower costs but also to avoid crowds and increase chances for authentic interactions with locals. That's why MED GAIMS project will develop games in physical and virtual format to create experiences for tourists, giving a necessary competitive edge to the attractiveness of less-known sites. The project seeks to increase tourism flows, covering all niches and segments like off-season travellers, creating jobs opportunities and start-ups for game entrepreneurs. Gamification is culturally sensitive – we do not all have the same sense of what is fun – so multicultural, cross-border evaluation of the initiatives will be performed by the project before opening them up to international tourists. Eventually, 40 games will be selected and implemented in 12 tourism sites from 8 destinations.

Key information

GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.3 Sustainable tourism
Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Jordan

Financial data

2.3 million
Total budget
2.1 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


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Technical outputs

Project duration

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Project outputs



What will be improved?

As the project heavily relies on local communities to conceptualize and implement games, through self-employment or startups, for both high (technological) and low-skilled (manual, organizational) individuals, new employment/business opportunities will be created for young people, women and local SMEs. The project will also influence the improvement of tourism reputation of concerned destinations offering enhanced experiences tested at the cultural level, fostering the exploration of more sites, longer stays and return visits.

Who will benefit?

  • 40 public actors (tourism destination managers, site managers, tourism policy officials)
  • 40 private actors (from local civil society organizations, cultural and industry associations, schools, SMEs) involved in game design and game implementation as well as in business support activities
  • Job seekers and young graduates

Expected achievements

  • 1 technical seminar on "Experiential Tourism"
  • 2 ideas competition for creative and cultural operators
  • 8 creative labs for games design
  • 8 hackathons for games development
  • 40 pilot initiatives (game applications developed for tourist sites)
  • 8 experiential tourism strategies 
  • 1 gamification toolkit to support current and future game entrepreneurs

Project news

MED GAIMS is looking for an external auditor

Deadline for the submission of offers is 20 July 2020.


Project news

MED GAIMS: funding opportunities for game designers

MED GAIMS will soon launch a competition to offer 20 grants for analog and digital game development in order to increase the attractiveness of less known tourist sites.


Project news

08 June 2020
MED GAIMS: 'Fondazione Alghero' is looking for an external auditor

Deadline for the receipt of expressions of interest is 11 June 2020.


Project news

01 June 2020
MED GAIMS and the value of video games in time of global COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has shown the strategic importance of video games that can help communities stay in touch through multiplayer modes, as highlighted by the WHO campaign #PlayApart…


Project news

11 March 2020
Lebanon's MED GAIMS Touristic Sites Announcement

Three sites have been selected to offer a new interactive experience to tourists and locals alike using analog and digital games.


Project news

10 March 2020
MED GAIMS: market survey

MED GAIMS has launched an expression of interest for the design of digital and analog games dedicated to the tourist/cultural sites identified in the Italian city of Alghero.


Project news

07 February 2020
Gamification of tourism: MED GAIMS awareness events for game designers and developers

The project objectives and funding opportunities for game designers and developers were presented during events in Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Spain.


Project news

06 January 2020
Let the “GAIMS” begin!

The MED GAIMS project aims to revamp tourism in the Mediterranean region by shifting the paradigm of tourism to an active interaction rather than a passive one. This will be achieved through gamification.

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