CLIMA – Cleaning Innovative Mediterranean Action: reducing waste to boost economies

About the project

While by 2020 most EU Member States will be reusing and recycling at least 50% of their municipal waste, landfilling less than 35% of biodegradable waste, and recycling at least 55% of packaging, forecasts are more difficult to determine for Mediterranean Partner Countries. The CLIMA project, and its regional platform of Italian, Tunisian and Lebanese municipalities, public agencies and NGOs, aims to cope with environmental, economic and social problems of organic waste mismanagement in three Mediterranean countries, developing policy tools like integrated Municipal Waste Management Plans, innovative technical solutions such as the compost drum and two improved pilot compost sites. At the same time, the project will support local businesses active in the circular economy sector, as well as information and advocacy campaigns to change citizens’ attitude towards zero waste paradigm. Through the project, around 80,000 citizens in 3 municipalities will benefit from the reduction of waste production due to the increase of treated organic waste. 

Key information

CLIMA – Cleaning Innovative Mediterranean Action: reducing waste to boost economies
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.2 Waste management
Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon

Financial data

2.8 million
Total budget
2.5 million
EU contribution
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What will be improved?

By defining a multiannual strategy at municipal level, fostering cross-border exchanges of experiences and transfer of innovation in treating and recovering high quality organic component, the project will positively impact the 3 targeted territories, reducing the risk of unsafe or illegal disposal of waste and creating at the same time new opportunities for businesses using organic waste as secondary raw material.

Who will benefit?

  • 9 institutions and local authorities directly involved in the realisation of the project activities
  • 12 firms and economic actors interested in affordable supply of high quality secondary raw materials
  • 450 people among citizens and decision-makers aware on the necessity of a circular and sustainable waste collection and management
  • 40 partners’ staff experts benefitting from technical trainings and exchange visits
  • 80,000 citizens and key stakeholders reached by the territorial education and sensitisation campaigns at Mediterranean level

Expected achievements

  • 3 Municipal Waste Management Plans integrated with specific measures on the management of organic waste and targets to be met in order to reduce the production of waste and increase the reuse of the organic component
  • 3 composting sites created or enhanced in Tunisia (municipality of Mahdia) and Lebanon (Municipality of Bikfaya and Tanaayel)
  • 12 local social enterprises receiving technical and financial support to foster the creation of an organic waste value chain
  • 160+ awareness-raising and educational actions in the field of sustainable waste management

Project news

CLIMA - Clean up Day, Sestri Levante Municipality takes action to clean up the city

CLIMA project collaborated with a youth local association to clean up 'Gromolo', one of the main streams of the city.


Project news

CLIMA - Call for an expert in Municipal Waste Plans

Proposal must be submitted by 30th of August.


Project news

CLIMA - Awareness day on the management and recovery of municipal waste

Carry out sustainable actions to reduce waste in Mahdia, highlight the work accomplished by the project partners, the establishment of selective sorting in a pilot district an…


Project news

First CLIMA Steering Committee: discussing achievements and next steps all together

After the lockdown and several bilateral meetings between partners in each country, the CLIMA project hosted its first Steering Committee.


Project news

CLIMA - All about compost, how to manage organic waste in Lebanon

From vermicolture to domestic composters, read the what happened during the webinar on innovative composting techniques held by Arcenciel, Lebanese partner of the CLIMA projec…


Project news

CLIMA: CITET Tunisia is looking for an external auditor

The deadline for receiving offers is July 14, 2O2O.


Project news

CLIMA - After the lockdown, back to a safe workplace: the Lebanese strategy

As a part of the crisis response, Arcenciel and the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) hosted a COVID-19 awareness webinar on June 12th to emphasize the importance of safety while going…


Project news

18 May 2020
CLIMA: new waste composting facility to be implemented in Mahdia, Tunisia

The new waste treatment facility will be implemented under the CLIMA project in the area of the Mahdia prison and foresees the involvement of inmates in sorting and composting…


Project news

10 February 2020
New solutions for organic waste management: launch of the CLIMA project

The CLIMA project aims to improve organic waste management by developing policy tools and innovative technical solutions.

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