From Farm to Fork - Strengthening the weakest links in the tourism value chain through Culinary Slow Food Tourism
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.1.3 Sustainable tourism
To empower local farmers to become vital suppliers of high quality, high nutrient local food by directly engaging with both tourists and operators. The aim is to strengthen those who are the weakest links in the tourism value chain. This is achieved by creating meaningful experiences for visitors at the farm and in the local community as well as by engaging hotels and restaurants to buy local and serve locally sourced food and embedding local cuisine in the guest experience.
In this sustainable, From Farm to Fork tourism context, focus is on balance, health and wellness. For All.
- Reduce poverty (farmers and communities)
- Enhance livelihoods
- Engage women and youth in vulnerable communities
- Improve socio-economic situation by including 'off the beaten track' farm communities
- Build vital food and crop security and resilience
- Reduce seasonality
- Enhance health, wellness
- 100 farmers supported
- 100 communities engaged
- 100 hotels now buying local
- 50 more tourism revenue generating experiences are offered
- 25 more tour operators engaged in food tourism
- 20% more health food produced and marketed
- 5 hero products selected and supported for market sales through SDG and fair trade channels
- 3 linkages and synergies pursued and established with MedPearls, MedSnail and Medusa
Green light in principle from JITOA / RSCN
Seeking partners in Cyprus, Lebanon, Palestine, Catalunia, Tunisia or other interested countries
Euro 1 million
van Wengen
Daoud Law / SEEDJordan
Company or other economic operator