Smart mOnitoring and maNagement of wATer flow from source to tAp.
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.1: Support sustainable initiatives targeting innovative and technological solutions to increase water efficiency and encourage use of non-conventional water supply
The water stress, which is pressure on the quantity and quality of water resources, has a profound influence on both human activities and the economy. Adequate water management to ensure reliable water supplies is essential to support all kinds of human activities and water-dependent ecosystems. As demand for water continues to increase in tandem with population and economic growth, we will need to plan and implement water infrastructure well ahead to secure an adequate and affordable supply of water for the future generations. The development of advanced tools for the analysis of water distribution networks is the key element for its efficient and sustainable management.
The proposed project aims to enable more efficiently management of the source water, identifying significant changes in water quality, implementing appropriate treatment strategies, and taking actions to protect the source water for its intended use. The project involves the use of innovative methods and instruments for real-time measurements of water quantity and quality along the water route from source to point-of-use. The project ambitious objective is to establish a Water Surveillance and Response System for the Mediterranean countries, as a framework to support monitoring and management of water quality from source to tap. The platform-system will consist of one or more components that provide information to guide drinking water utility operations and enhance a utility’s ability to quickly detect and respond to any water quality changes.
• To assess the quality, quantity, efficiency and sustainability of water supply, distribution, consumption and wastewater services in Mediterranean countries (covering about 1.7 million consumers).
• To evaluate the background water losses in relation to possible influencing factors via non-invasive maintenance of distribution systems.
• To promptly detect operational failures (blockage, leakage, organic infiltration etc..) in water infrastructure.
• To develop and demo-illustrate advanced network simulation models and infrastructure risk assessment methods that allow the spatial and temporal representation of backdrop water losses along its route.
• To spread a culture on the use of water as public good, which everyone should not waste.
• Digitalize Mediterranean’s water system to improve operational excellence, achieve smarter water quantity and quality management, network improvements, integrated customer engagements, with an integrated, effective and cost-efficient way to meet the future water needs.
• Establish a Mediterranean Network for an efficient use of the water as public good.
• Setting up a viable real time monitoring mechanism based on wireless sensor nodes that have the capability of carrying out continuously network activities that reduce the manpower required, cost and flexibility.
• Integration of geospatial artificial intelligence solutions for modeling the water networks, that combine remote sensing and highly sensitive sensors to identify the conditions under which network failures occur and to quantify the likelihood of failure across the network.
• Give emphasis on cost effectiveness, easy ad hoc installations such that the mechanism will be easy to handle and maintained in water monitoring systems for developing countries and emerging economies.
• Improvement of the functioning of the water distribution networks as key factor for water efficient and sustainable management in the Mediterranean
• Establish a comprehensive set of management tools, services, automated alerts and notifications, accessible via an online portal, as a decision support tool to prioritize/optimize water management practices at a national or transnational level.
Local governmental authorities, Regions, Environmental Organizations, SMEs, Universities/Research
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