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18 juin 2020 - 00:49

Présence de microplastiques dans les fruits et légumes : première étude avec un partenaire de COMMON

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17 juin 2020 - 16:48

Appel d'offres ouvert international pour l'achat du matériel du site pilote DECOST en Jordanie

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The Jordan University of Science and Technology, partner in the ENI CBC MED DECOST project, has launched an international tender to purchase the equipment for the DECOST pilot site for organic waste management that will be implemented in Jordan.

17 juin 2020 - 12:01

Med-EcoSuRe organise une série de webinaires pour lancer le Laboratoire Vivant "BeX.LIVE"

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17 juin 2020 - 09:01

Tourisme durable : MED GAIMS va attribuer 20 subventions pour le développement de jeux

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The MED GAIMS project develops games to revolutionize the tourist site experience by gamifying it with both physical and virtual applications, thus increasing tourism flows to the destinations, and creating jobs and start-ups for game entrepreneurs.

The project applies game design to create experiences for tourists, and as a result gives a necessary competitive edge to the attractiveness of less known sites.

16 juin 2020 - 15:30

Jordanie : subventions disponibles dans le cadre du projet CROSSDEV

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The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) – partner of the CROSSDEV project – launches sub-grants to support economic actors and tourism-related service providers along the less known cultural sites in Aqaba, Jordan.

A total of 2 sub-grants are available to support MSMEs, tour operators, protected areas/ touristic sites managers, women centers and local communities.

15 juin 2020 - 16:30

MENAWARA participe à la journée mondiale de lutte contre la désertification et la sécheresse

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15 juin 2020 - 16:00

BeX.Live Living Lab: series of webinars agenda

15 juin 2020 - 14:55

Pre-announcement for sub-grant applicants_15 June 2020

15 juin 2020 - 10:43

[TEC-MED] Liban: histoires de personnes âgées pendant la pandémie de coronavirus

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TEC-MED project, involved in improving the lives of dependent elderly in the Mediterranean area, is concerned about the situation of old people during the COVID-19 crisis. In this period, vulnerable elderly have been insolated and sometimes abandoned without adequate care.

We have decided to publish stories about dependent elderly to show how they have been living this lockdown in Tunisia, Lebanon, Greece, Spain and Egypt. 

13 juin 2020 - 17:30
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