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Sustainable Networks for Agro-food Innovation Leading in the Mediterranean

About the project

Many challenges are threatening the Mediterranean agro-food sector like the gradual loss of local varieties, a high sectorial fragmentation, rural poverty (mostly affecting women) and limited investment capacity of rural entrepreneurs, lack of training on socio-environmental sustainability, weak business planning and marketing strategies. Moreover, EU food security regulations represent a barrier for many small producers from non-EU countries. MedSNAIL will address these issues by fostering the enhancement and development of small-scale traditional agro-food value chains that will offer increased business opportunities and more socio-environmental sustainability. The project will build on the well-established experience and methods of SlowFood, an international grassroots organization promoting traditional food with a strong focus on biodiversity preservation. 

Key information

Sustainable Networks for Agro-food Innovation Leading in the Mediterranean
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.2 Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters
Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Malta, Jordan

Financial data

2 million
Total budget
1.8 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


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Technical outputs

Project duration

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Project outputs



What will be improved?

The use of socially and environmentally sustainable farming and production methods will be promoted and spread across the Mediterranean region. It is expected that the quality, quantity and visibility of local agro-food products will be improved. As a result, incomes of small rural enterprises - with a special focus on those run by women - will be increased. Finally, jobs will be created in newly established agro-food SMEs.

Who will benefit?

  • 300 small scale agro-food producers and farmers 
  • 60 public authorities 
  • 60 young university graduates

Expected achievements

  • 1 study on the agro-biodiversity in the target regions 
  • 2 training courses on slow food approach and best practices
  • 1 MedSNAIL alliance among small producers, publish authorities and business to promote good, clean and fair food
  • 90 MSMEs involved in sustainable food value chain pilot projects
  • 6 slow-hubs created to provide consultancy services to agro-food MSMEs
  • 6 farmers’ markets created
  • 1 Euro-Mediterranean “Chef Alliance” established

Actualité de projet

29 janvier 2020
Offre d'emploi : MedSNAIL recrute un.e chargé.e de projet en Tunisie

La date limite pour la réception des candidatures est le 7 février 2020.


Actualité de projet

14 janvier 2020
Appel d'offres : services d'assistance technique dans le cadre du projet MedSNAIL

La date limite pour la soumission des offres est le 27 janvier 2020.