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Textile Mediterranean Alliances for Business Development, Internationalization and Innovation

About the project

Like many others, the textile sector has changed dramatically during the last decades. Advanced countries have brought in high performance and high added-value technologies while emerging countries, mainly from Asia, have sharply reduced the costs putting insane pressure on Mediterranean traditional clothing SMEs. In contrast, the Mediterranean textile sector has traditionally been a weak innovation performer. TEX-MED ALLIANCES aims at reducing that persistent innovation gap. To do that, the project proposes an innovative approach based on the development of two types of initiatives: cross-border initiatives identified and promoted by the project partners and cross-border project ideas/proposals arising directly from MSMEs. Together, these actions will put innovation at the core of the sector. Eventually, TEX-MED ALLIANCES will help textile and clothing MSMEs expand internationally inside/outside the Mediterranean area, fostering job creation and technological upgrading.

Key information

Textile Mediterranean Alliances for Business Development, Internationalization and Innovation
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.2 Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters
Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine

Financial data

2.8 million
Total budget
2.5 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


Project in numbers

Technical outputs

Project duration

Start date
End date





Project outputs



What will be improved?

Thanks to the project, concerned MSMEs from the Mediterranean textile/clothing industry will acquire updated knowledge and technical skills in the modest fashion segment, smart textiles and digital printing, enhancing innovation, competitiveness and capacities to reach new markets. Solutions to foster more sustainability in the textile sector, based on a circular economy perspective, will be investigated and implemented. The ultimate ambition of the project is to turn the Mediterranean textile sector into an Industry 4.0, contributing to the re-orientation of the sector towards innovative productions and new business models.

Who will benefit?

  • Textile and clothing MSMEs and manufacturers 
  • Suppliers such as those of raw materials, machinery, software, specialized services (R&D centres, logistics)
  • Professionals (designers, stylists, technicians, etc.)
  • Wholesalers, distribution chains, retailers 

Expected achievements

  • 31 support initiatives for the internationalization, innovation and technology upgrading and circular economy in the textile/clothing industry 
  • 34 MSMEs participating in key business events and internationalization/innovations fairs 
  • 1 open forum on circular economy to share best practices in the textile/clothing industry 
  • 4 business to business events gathering at least 123 MSMEs
  • 22 MSMEs participating in new Euro-Mediterranean business alliances and partnerships

Actualité de projet

23 mars 2020
Présentation du projet TEX-MED ALLIANCES : changement de plans

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and in order to respect all the sanitary and hygienic recommendations, TEX-MED ALLIANCES presentations will no longer be held during public events. Instead, the presentation and all the information about the project will be…


Actualité de projet

11 mars 2020
Le projet TEX-MED ALLIANCES plus proche de vous !

TEX-MED ALLIANCES organise une série d'événements pour présenter les opportunités du projet pour l'industrie du textile et de l'habillement.


Actualité de projet

17 février 2020
Les pays méditerranéens forgent une alliance stratégique pour renforcer le secteur textile

Le projet TEX-MED ALLIANCES implique 8 partenaires provenant d'Italie, de Grèce, de Tunisie, d'Égypte, de Jordanie et de Palestine.