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Green Impact MED Project - Positive Investments for Positive Impacts

About the project

The development of a green economy in the Mediterranean area to combat environmental degradation represents a great opportunity for jobs creation, particularly for young graduates and women who are three times less likely to be employed than men. Strengthening eco-innovative entrepreneurship is a recognised solution even though green ventures face a complex set of challenges including limited access to funding, underdeveloped markets and fragmented support from sector stakeholders. GIMED aims at boosting the development of eco-innovative ventures in order to create employment and drive the green and circular economy in the Mediterranean. The project will implement a United Nations-backed ‘Green Entrepreneurship Standard’ that will standardise the supportive inputs needed to generate successful ventures and will give those ventures a mark of quality to better access finance and markets. On the ground, the project will train and coach eco-innovators and encourage financiers to invest in the Mediterranean eco-innovation sector.

Key information

Green Impact MED Project - Positive Investments for Positive Impacts
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1 Start-ups and recently established enterprises
Spain, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy

Financial data

2.6 million
Total budget
2.3 million
EU contribution
Project co-financing


Project in numbers

Technical outputs

Project duration

Start date
End date





Project outputs



What will be improved?

20 new companies will be created, employing a minimum of 2 people each, and 100 existing companies will be supported in order to access new finance and trade opportunities, increasing their growth potential in the green and circular economy sector. Besides, a cluster of financiers will be established and partners will work closely with public administrations to help them better support green startups in terms of Intellectual Property Rights, policy and procurement schemes.

Who will benefit?

  • 400 ideation stage entrepreneurs and women and youth in senior positions of early-stage ventures in the green and circular economy
  • Financial institutions and investors 
  • Public administrations
  • Incubators and accelerators

Expected achievements

  • 100 capacity-building initiatives dedicated to entrepreneurs on eco-design and green business modelling 
  • 200 coaching sessions on access to finance and markets
  • 8 sub-grants to consolidate business creation and development
  • 10 networking events to connect entrepreneurs and investors
  • 5 training sessions dedicated to public institutions on the support to eco-entrepreneurship
  • 1 Green Entrepreneurship Standard Framework developed and piloted
  • 1 green incubation programme in Lebanon
  • 1 policy paper containing recommendations to improve green and circular economy and support eco-innovative ventures

Actualité de projet

23 mars 2020
Le projet GIMED recherche un auditeur externe !

La "Fondazione di Comunitá di Messina" recherche un auditeur externe pour assurer la vérification des dépenses du projet GIMED.


Actualité de projet

07 février 2020
Le projet GIMED recrute !

Le Centre d’activités régionales pour la Consommation et la Production Durables (SCP/RAC) recute un.e chargé.e de gestion financière dans le cadre du projet GIMED.


Actualité de projet

05 février 2020
Entrepreneuriat vert : le projet GIMED identifie 25 investisseurs potentiels en Palestine

En Palestine, les PME vertes peinent à financer des projets plus risqués comme l'innovation et les investissements dans les biens non tangibles.


Actualité de projet

25 novembre 2019
Le projet GIMED recrute! Rejoignez notre équipe

Le SCP/RAC recherche un consultant pour développer un outil en ligne d'accès au marché pour les entrepreneurs verts. Les candidats intéressés sont invités à soumettre leur candidature avant le 10 décembre.

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