[Découvrez les territoires de MEDUSA] Un aperçu virtuel de la charmante ville de Fatri au Liban


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Located in the Caza of Jbeil, you will find the cozy village of Fatri. It may be small and it may be unknown territory for most, but its charm and beauty are astonishing. Fatri is a small village of approximately 135 houses and only a 30-minute drive from the city of Jbeil itself. As well, it is around 500m-800m above sea level and has access to Naher Ibrahim River and Adovis Valley. The villages’ unique geographical location is a major part of why tourists can feel the charming aura and witness the heritage-filled lands when they visit. Many can attest to this! 

Now you may be wondering what sites to visit or activities to do during your stay in Fatri, correct? Well, let us begin. As far as heritage goes, multiple churches and religiously historical buildings are dispersed all around the village. Infrastructure dating back to the 1800’s remain standing e.g., buildings such as the monastery. Can you imagine the amount of rich history and intriguing stories that have taken place over the past 2000 years? Infinite! You do not want to miss that kind of knowledge! 

Let us discuss ecotourism in the town of Fatri, shall we? The town residents have done a phenomenal job at up keeping and preserving the many nature reserves, cultural sites and bodies of water. Therefore, visitors will have clean, safe and authentic places at their disposal and for their enjoyment. You can take a hike in the many natural reserves, jog, walk or climb the newly built trail, visit the many old rustic caves to see unique collections of rocks and mountain formations, walk up or down the many historic stair cases around town which link houses to the main road and/or spend a weekend camping out in a properly equipped pine tree reserve overlooking Naher Ibrahim river. Last but certainly not least, Fatri is well known for its organically grown produce (e.g., zaatar, tomatoes, capris, honey). They even welcome visitors and students to take part in the experience of both learning how to and implement growing organic produce/foods through physical trial and environmental awareness sessions. 

Overall, Fatri is one of Lebanon’s most hidden gems and you need to get on board by checking out this extraordinary village for yourselves. Its mixture of activities and site seeing will keep you interested and surprised... and that is a wrap!