[Découvrez les territoires de MEDUSA] Les Pouilles - bien plus que le "talon" de la botte


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This article forms part of a series of publications under MEDUSA project to promote less-known natural and cultural touristic assets in our partner territories Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Puglia (Italy) and Catalonia (Spain). Enjoy reading and hope to welcome you soon at one of the wonderful places you will get to know here.

Puglia is the easternmost region in Italy. It extends from the Fortore River in the northwest to Cape Santa Maria di Leuca at the tip of the Salentine Peninsula (the “heel” of the boot) and it is bordered by two seas, the Ionian and Adriatic, with the longest coastline in the country. The region is predominantly agricultural: wheat, barley and oats are grown on the plain and in the more fertile parts of the plateaus, while olives, grapes, almonds, figs, and vegetables predominate further south. While small food-processing industries are widespread, industry is largely concentrated in Bari, the regional capital (chemicals and petrochemicals), Taranto (iron and steel), Brindisi and Barletta. Foggia is the main rail centre, with connections to all parts of the peninsula. Thanks to its beautiful coasts, its vineyards and olive groves, dotted with whitewashed hill towns and UNESCO heritage sites, Puglia is nowadays one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. 


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