MEDSt@rts قصص ريادة الأعمال: Icraft (فلسطين)

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Video presentation of the aspiring entrepreneurs involved in the MEDSt@rts project by LEADERS International.


19 April 2021 - 19:40

BESTMEDGRAPE: المعهد الوطني للصحة والبحوث الطبية (فرنسا) يطلق دعوة لإختيار 30 من رواد الأعمال المستقبليين

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19 April 2021 - 15:09

MEDSt@rts قصص ريادة الأعمال: مهدي تاكي (لبنان)

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Video presentation of the aspiring entrepreneurs involved in the MEDSt@rts project by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture in Sidon and South Lebanon.


19 April 2021 - 15:07

MED GAIMS تطور لعبة "الطاحونة" التي تعرض الأهمية التاريخية لمطحنة المياه في قلعة مسيلة في لبنان

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The game The Mill is being developed to shed light on the importance that water mills have historically held for food processing in the Lebanese culture. The game takes place in the Mseilha castle in the North of Lebanon, near the city of Batroun. Mseilha is located near the Jawz River, upon which many mills were erected from the top of the mountains of city of Tannourine down to terminal mill located at Mseilha. 

19 April 2021 - 15:00

مشروع GreenBuilding يبحث عن مكتب لتقديم دعم فني في تونس!

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BorjCedria Technopark Management Company (Tunisia) is launching a consultation notice for the selection of a specialized technical support office to carry out the actions proposed by the energy audit for the Mohamed Kassab Institute of Orthopedics (Tunisian pilot building).

For more details, click here! (Information available in French).

Deadline for submitting applications is 23/04/2021. 

19 April 2021 - 14:51

مشروع INTERNISA يبحث عن خبير إتصال في الأردن

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Al-Balqa' Applied University (BAU), Jordanian partner of INTERNISA project, has published a call for tenders to select a communication expertise with experience in cross-border cooperation projects.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 25th, 2021 at 1pm (Jordan local time)

19 April 2021 - 14:47

INVESTMED Newsletter - No1, March 2021

19 April 2021 - 08:51

تسليط الضوء على التشاركية العامة لمشروع AQUACYCLE من قبل فريق Eurisy

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The selection of AQUACYCLE as project of the month of February 2021 by the Malta Council for Science and Technology, has been picked up by the Eurisy team.

17 April 2021 - 10:44

InnovAgroWoMed-إسبانيا: دعوة للمشاركة من أجل برنامج تدريبي غني ومتسق

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15 April 2021 - 15:46

تونس: INTECMED يطلق نظامًا بيئيًا محليًا للإبتكار في منطقة كاب بون

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On April 6th 2021, the two Tunisian partners of the INTECMED project - The Cap Bon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Agency of Promotion of Scientific Research - have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of the Regional Alliance for Innovation Transfer (RAIT) in the Cap Bon region, in Tunisia. 

15 April 2021 - 15:44
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