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Development of a Transcultural social-ethical-care model for dependent population in Mediterra basin

About the project

Mediterranean countries are showing common trends in terms of social support decrease and the need for innovative and sustainable socio-ethical-care models. These issues have an impact on many categories of vulnerable people, such as dependent elderly having chronic diseases and lacking family network support, with the consequence of being further marginalized. TEC-MED will develop an innovative and cost-effective socio-ethical care intervention framework which will improve and adapt social care policies tackling the phenomenon of the ageing population. A new organizational model will be designed to support cooperation and partnership between public institutions and social care actors. Six pilot actions will be implemented in the participating countries to test and validate the model by involving social enterprises, citizens and public administrations.

Key information

Development of a Transcultural social-ethical-care model for dependent population in Mediterra basin
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.3.2 Social and solidarity economy
Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt

Financial data

3.3 million
Total budget
2.9 million
EU contribution
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Project outputs



What will be improved?

TEC-MED will contribute to reduce the marginalization of elderly people and improve the quality of social services provided to them. Through the development of a common model supported by software applications, the project can help to set a benchmark model for social assistance in the Mediterranean region. The project will also support cooperation among institutions for the set-up of laboratories of “ideas” for designing innovative social services.

Who will benefit?

  • Dependant elderly people having chronic diseases and lacking family network support
  • Social care operators and NGOs providing assistance to the elderly population
  • Public social services

Expected achievements

  • 28,200 people covered by improved social services 
  • 12 agreements between public administrations and relevant stakeholders for coordinated planning and implementation of social services
  • 90 social care professionals involved in social pilot schemes
  • 6 action plans for public administrations
  • 1 online platform for cooperation and partnership between public institutions and social care actors

Project news

تعزيز دور المرأة في مشروع TEC-MED

تقدم النساء مساهمة كبيرة في البحث وتنفيذ المشروع بخبرتهن القيمة. وفيما يلي بعض الأمثلة.


Project news

[TEC-MED] أهمية تكنولوجيا المعلومات والإتصالات في الشيخوخة

يمكن لتكنولوجيات المعلومات والإتصالات أن تيسر الرعاية الذاتية بين كبار السن، وتفاعلهم مع المهنيين الصحيين، مما يسهم في الشيخوخة جيده.


Project news

تحسين الرعاية الإجتماعية للمسنين: TEC-MED تكشف النقاب عن نموذج مشروع

يهدف النموذج إلى تعزيز إدماج المسنين المعالين الذين يفتقرون إلى الدعم الأسري و/أو المعرضين لخطر الإستبعاد الإجتماعي.


Project news

تونس: تقديم خدمات المراجعة الخارجية لمشروع TEC-MED

وتدعو INNTA، وهي شريك من تونس لمشروع TEC-MED، الأطراف المهتمة إلى تقديم عرض مقترح وفقا للمواصفات الواردة في الدعوة إلى الاهتمام "بتقديم خدمات المراجعة الخارجية لمشروع TEC-MED".


Project news

[TEC-MED] القيمة الاجتماعية للشيخوخة

بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للتوعية بإساءة معاملة المسنين، يتأمل أحد باحثينا في القيمة الاجتماعية للشيخوخة وأهمية رعاية الجميع، وخاصة كبار السن.

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