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Co-producing social policies with SSE actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion

About the project

Public services face an unprecedented set of challenges: increasing demand, rising expectations, seemingly intractable social problems and, in many cases, reduced budgets. In Europe, previous approaches have produced important improvements in some areas but failed to tackle the structural inequalities that are fuelling the demand for services. In the Arab world, heterogeneous and fractured social structures, along with occupational shifts from agricultural to industrial and service activities, are overstretching already weak social services schemes that fail to address the real drivers of poverty, inequality, and exclusion. MedTOWN is an initiative focused on the combined potential of agents of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), citizens and local authorities to co-produce the social policies that can fight poverty, inequality, social exclusion, and environmental unsustainability, providing them with tools and connections to build local resilience and foster the transition towards more fair, resilient and sustainable societies in the Euro-Mediterranean region. 

Key information

Co-producing social policies with SSE actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion
A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the fight against poverty
A.3.2 Social and solidarity economy
Spain, Greece, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Portugal

Financial data

3.4 million
Total budget
2.9 million
EU contribution
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What will be improved?

MedTOWN will provide with tailored capacity building for SSE agents, innovative and low-cost tools for practitioners and networking opportunities. This will be implemented through an open policy dialogue aimed at strengthening the Mediterranean region's role in the development and implementation of policy actions towards the development of quality, more user-friendly, and empowering social services. A social experimentation based on the use of complementary currencies for the delivery of financial aid to vulnerable communities will be carried out.

Who will benefit?

  • Communities with a high proportion of impoverished households, women victims of gender violence, refugees or people with disabilities 
  • 120 social workers and frontline staff in public organizations
  • Responsible national/regional bodies in the regulation of social services and SSE

Expected achievements

  • Over 20,000 people covered by improved social services 
  • 6 agreements between public administrations and relevant stakeholders for coordinated planning and implementation of social services
  • 210 job opportunities created
  • 12 study visits for social services professionals
  • 42 policy and regulatory recommendations to improve the delivery of social services
  • 13 research studies published on the co-production of social services
  • 10 pilot SSE projects supported 

Project news

مشروع MedTOWN:إطلاق عدد من الفعاليات عبر الأنترنت (مؤتمر و دورة تدريب المدربين)

انضم إلى إطلاق مؤتمر إفتراضي لمشروع MedTOWN في الخامس من أكتوبر/تشرين أول من 10.00 إلى 12.00 CET، تليها بداية برنامج بناء القدرات.


Project news

[MedTOWN] العملات المحلية للإنتعاش الإجتماعي والإقتصادي

ما الذي تعلمناه حتى الآن عن فوائد إستخدام العملات المحلية؟ وتقوم جمعية التعاون من أجل السلام منذ سنوات بتجربة إستخدام عملات تكميلية لتحسين السياسات الإجتماعية، إستنادا إلى القناعة بأن هذه العملات هي أدوات إستثن…

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