[Get to know MEDUSA's territories] Wadi Mujib, Jordan


This article forms part of a series of publications under MEDUSA project to promote less-known natural and cultural touristic assets in our partner territories Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Puglia (Italy) and Catalonia (Spain). Enjoy reading and hope to welcome you soon at one of the wonderful places you will get to know here.

Characterized by its water springs, waterfalls, ponds and wildlife of birds and plants, Hidan Valley is a unique ecological place and part of the Mujib Biosphere Reserve. A tributary to the Rift Valley, which stretches from the Horn of Africa to the mountains of Lebanon and covers the Red Sea, Wadi Araba, the Dead Sea and the Jordan River all the way to Tiberias, the valley’s diversity of rock formation, contrasted colors of black basalt, limestone, sandstone, and clay, the valley offers an exceptional hiking experience.

The length of the waterway is about 5 kilometers longitudinally from the Southwest to the Northeast. The location includes a three-hour hiking trail that starts from a visitor center and ends at an ancient wheat mill. The valley is fully equipped with safety facilities installed in collaboration with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature experts working in the Mujib Nature Reserve in accordance with the best specifications and international standards. The Valley is classified as a medium difficulty hike, but the presence of accompanying guides and stationed guides in difficult locations will ensure safe passage to the rest of the trail. “The best experience / adventure I've ever had, the guides were amazing and will absolutely do it again it was really fun!!!” Facebook review from “Safa Nabeel Al-Bazz