[Get to know MEDUSA's territories] The Tremiti islands, Italy


This article forms part of a series of publications under MEDUSA project to promote less-known natural and cultural touristic assets in our partner territories Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Puglia (Italy) and Catalonia (Spain). Enjoy reading and hope to welcome you soon at one of the wonderful places you will get to know here.

The Tremiti Islands are in the Adriatic Sea, only 12 miles away from the Gargano shores. Puglia’s only archipelago is made up of 5 islands, San Domino, the most populated and tourist, the small isle of San Nicola, the uninhabited Capraia, the islets of Cretaccio and La Vecchia, and, further out, the island of Pianosa. Marine Nature Reserve since 1989, these islands fell under the authority of the Gargano National Park in 1996. This place is an earthly paradise for divers. Unspoilt seabeds, sea caves and coves are just waiting to be explored. Diving enthusiasts can book diving trips to discover the best spots, like Punta Secca and Cala dei Turchi by Capraia, Punta del Diavolo and the Grotta delle Rondinelle by San Domino.There are about 40 sites for every taste (deep, cave, open water, wreck diving, etc.) and for every level of preparation (from simple to challenging) with the possibility to observe several species of fish, crustaceans, mollusks as well as the beautiful and colorful rocks recovered with axinella, corals, sea fans, etc. If you want to admire shipwrecks, then head for Punta di Ponente, to see the relics of a Roman ship from the 1st century BC, or for Cala degli Inglesi, the spot where in 1864 sunk the Lombardo, a paddle steamer of the Garibaldi age. Set out from Vieste or Rodi Garganico to reach the Tremiti archipelago. Or take the helicopter from Foggia, to enjoy an amazing view over the promontory.