Med-EcoSuRe conducts a survey for sustainable building rehabilitation solutions


Within the framework of Med-EcoSure, Solartys ( Spanish Association for the Internationalization and Innovation of Solar companies), partner of the project, has launched a call, among its collaborators, to identify innovative solutions addressing energy retrofitting of universities' buildings.

This survey aims to identify the most innovative solutions in the different areas related to the efficient rehabilitation of buildings. Technical data sheets have been prepared to be filled by entities marketing products in the following areas: lighting, domotics and smart solutions, heating and cooling, façade isolation and new materials, energy efficiency, solar energy and energy storage, among others.

Thanks to this mapping, the partners will be able to carry out a market analysis that will constitute a starting point for the following phases of the project. This call gathered around 15 innovative solutions and targeted more than 300 entities.

Further information about the call is available on the following website